ASTONBUS USA, INC Introduces a 100% PURE ELECTRIC  City Bus.

ASTON BUS USA, INC is located in Southern California. It is the Sole Distributor for the USA and Europe. Recently the Chinese Manufacture awarded Astonbus USA a 5 year Contract. Our Manufacture has proven to be the leader in this ELECTRIC BUS application. This company currently owns and produces the batteries that power the vehicle making this a non-out sourcing company. An alliance has been formed between ASTONBUS USA to produce a quality Vehicle that supersedes all quality and life expectancy along with an open handed relationship.


The 100% ELECTRIC City Bus

  • 300  miles plus open road range

  • 200 miles bus stop to bus stop range

  • Air Conditioning and Heat

  • On Board Charging

  • Seating for 37 people  or 80 passengers total

These are some of the basic features this bus offers. 

What separates ASTONBUS from the competition is the ability to work in harsh climates from below freezing points to extreme heat weather conditions. Its new light weight frame structure built with superb craftsmanship makes this bus platform one of its kind. Its fully weighted frame of 14.500 tons allows it to reach speeds of 80 Mph and use almost no battery energy to move this machine. Re-generating braking allows for constant recharging.

Driving and Passenger comfort has been the key design in the bus, the use of ergonomic seating and spacing allows for comfort and ease entering and exiting the bus. A key feature is the UNIQUE POWER DOWN SLEEP MODE application. This makes for a longer battery life cycle and helps maintain run time while stationary at layover stops.

With all this technology in mind, ASTONBUSUSA, Inc has partnered with one of the largest BUS manufactures in China and created a machine that does not emit any form of emission, thus creating a ZERO-EMISSIONS footprint. This Bus Manufacturer has dynamic cutting edge technology in this phenomenal ONE of a Kind Electric Bus. 

                   Thank you for Visiting ASTONBUS USA, INC



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